A completely painless and harmless procedure that lengthens and thickens your own natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are applied 1.5mm away from the eyelid so there won’t be any effect on the skin. These single strands of synthetic eyelashes are curved to replicate the natural lash and create a fuller look. They are perfect for everyday wear and you don't have to worry about applying coats of mascara to make lashes look fuller. Our color mix design is perfect for the brides to match the eyelash with their costumes.


- Please refer our design display before choosing the style that will suit your eyes.

- We suggest refill in between every 2-4 weeks.

- To get a refill done there must be optimum eyelashes left from your last procedure. If not it will be considered as a new set.

- The treatment takes 60-180 minutes depending on the desired look.

Regular/Daily wear lashes

1. 20/20 lashes

2. 40/40 lashes

3. 60/60 lashes

4. 80/80 lashes

Color mix lashes

1. 40/40 lashes - Black lash and colox mix of your choice

2. 60/60 lashes - Black lash and colox mix of your choice


1. Removal of extension done at Top Coat

2. Removal of extension done at other salon

3. Removal of set at Top Coat for a fresh set

Rates for all the services kindly refer our service rate menu at the shop or call 044 48579323



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