We request all our valued customers to spare few minutes for reading our Policies. 

* Reservations are mandatory. 
* We appreciate 24 hours prior notice for cancellations from the appointment date.
* We would not honor future reservation for no show customers.
* Gel nails are not recommended for customers who have delicate nails or whose nail plate is already damaged. We would definitely offer an explanation about the gel procedure and its consequences on delicate nails. Regardless the customer wants to carry on with the procedure we would not take the responsibility  of any damage. Also we hold no responsibility if your nail plate is already damaged from a previous procedure.
* Restrain from peeling  gel to get it off the nails. We hold no responsibility if your nail plate gets damage during peel off. Either visit a salon for Gel off procedure or remove gel at home if you are aware of the procedure.
* Customers below the age of 15years are not advisable for gel procedures. We offer Mini mani-pedi Nail polish services for kids 3-14 years of age.
* No smoking, no pets but  can use phones provided you co operate with the technicians during the procedure inorder to avoid  the polish/gel getting smudged.
* Kindly let us know if you feel any discomfort/ want changes  in the procedure during the duration of work and not after the procedure is over.
* We offer free parking and refreshments  to our customers.

Guarantee system for gel:
We will fix any crack on gel or dropout of embellishment within a week from the appointment date for free.

Thank you .
​Top Coat