About Top Coat

Top Coat  beauty studio focusing on the much neglect nails, offering all Nail services which includes regular mani/pedi, spa, Nail art, Nail extensions, Eyelash extension, Hair services and beauty services. Our aim is to provide a calming/relaxing atmosphere for the ladies from their busy lifestyle. We want to bring a space where people can pamper themselves and enjoy beauty services by themselves or along with their girl gang.  At Top Coat the services will be up to the mark of international nail standards, which has always been the main motto to make available the international standard of beauty services here in Namma Chennai !!. We offer variety of nail services keeping in mind the safety and health of our clients nails. The technicians are also trained by professionals for Hair/Makeup & Beauty. We hope to have a good relationship with our clients and provide them with services which are on par with international standards.
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About founder
Hey Guys, I am Ashitha, a nail and beauty enthusiast based out of Kerala but have literally spent my life in multiple parts of the world.  I started my career as a nail artist with my very own nail studio in Japan in Jan, 2016. It was a small one room studio but was a huge success. I started off learning nail techniques from a friend who introduced all of this to me. What started as a fun hobby slowly ignited this  sense of passion, happiness and creativity in me. To rewind back a little, I was by profession a software engineer who worked for a reputed MNC before shifting to Japan after my marriage. Having spent the initial 15 years of my life in North east India and constantly shifting to different places for education/work, I was quite independent and enjoyed experiencing  new places and culture.Japan being a fashion hub with a huge and successful nail industry influenced me to make the decision to let go off my IT background and embrace a totally new but creative field of beauty..

My Qualifications
Since I was so passionate about nails, I decided to go the professional route and enrolled myself in a very prestigious Nail school at Tokyo. I was so lucky to be directly trained under the founder of the school herself. She was a pioneer in the Nail industry and have been servicing for almost 30 years. Under her guidance I passed the Japanese Nailist association exam which led to the start of many opportunities coming my way. In Fact I was the first Indian to pass the exam as per the school, I was absolutely thrilled. I then went on to learn more nail techniques and later got chance to attend Tokyo Nail Expo 2016. I also got myself certified for Eyelash extensions. I personally believe that knowledge is endless and the more we dedicate ourselves we will get to learn more. Later on I also got myself certified from another prestigious Nail Academy in Singapore to update my knowledge.